Just Pics

I always get inspiration to write something but it’s always at the wrong times. I promise I will endeavor to jot my thoughts down so I can write them up. Until then, here are some recent pictures…


Kyra Spider Web

My Oldest IMG_6066

Pic of the Day

The kids went to Build-A-Bear today.  They were super excited over their new creations.

Pic of the Day

The pic of the day is my daughter sewing my pants.  She wanted something to sew so I gave her my old pants to sew up the hole. Not only was this a reminder that I need to shop for new pants, but a realization that my Mom taught my daughter a skill that she will use in her lifetime to come.  Thanks Mom.. I love you.

Pic of the Day

This was taken during our trip home today.  I need to start doing these ‘Pics of the Day’ thing again.

Pic of the Day (or Night)

La Luna

This is my first attempt of photographing the moon free handed through a telescope. Took a bit of manual adjusting. This is the result.

Quote & Pic of the Day

I was talking with Annette when Kyra came up to me.  I stopped in mid-sentence when she presented what she wrote. I have no clue where this came from. I asked her where she wrote it from.  She insisted she wrote it herself with no help. I posted this on Facebook and Twitter already, but I have to make this a post.

“Love is a good Freedom. Peace is a good Life”. By: Kyra

Just Pictures

Spider Web Spider Making a Web

Tiny Tomato Kyra by the Tree Kyra on her Bike

Kyra by the Tree 2 Kyra Looking at the Flag American Flag

Tough Fighting


This evening, I had a tough fight with my youngest daughter.  When it was time to go home, she refused to cooperate.  She didn’t want to go home, and when she agreed to go, she didn’t want to get her shoes on. When she did get in the car, she refused to sit still, get her seat belt on let alone cooperate with anything.

The seating arrangements were set.  My oldest went with me, and the trouble maker went with Annette (we drove separate cars since today was Annette’s first day of work). We didn’t get out of the local area until Annette pulled over and had me “resolve” the situation that Kyra had put herself in.

Kyra was arguing with Annette the whole 5 minutes they were driving.  She had pulled over because she was causing problems. I tried to get Kyra transfered to my car, however she refused to go.  Kyra at this point was throwing a very big tantrum over nothing.

This story is a bit scattered, but this is the point…

Kyra had refused to cooperate with anything we were suggesting and it came to the point where I had to put my foot down.

I did not get mad.  I did have to put my foot down though, so I had to be stern and raise my voice to Kyra.  It came to the point where I had to let her know that she was in trouble, yet she still refused to cooperate.

Annette had left at this point and Kyra kept being uncooperative.  When we did get on the freeway, Kyra had settled down to the point where she passed out in the car.

When we got home, I carried her upstairs and she curled up and went to sleep.

I think this was the first time I really had a very bad time with Kyra. It just turned out she was exhausted from the day, but still… I think this is the first time I actually reflected back to the idea of what I was doing.  I was considering the responsibility of my actions, and saw how it could be reflected.

I think I did ok given the situation.  I don’t think I would have done anything different.  I didn’t talk to her in spite, I didn’t look down upon her.  I imbued the idea of what she was doing was unacceptable behavior, and she will have to accept the responsibility of her actions.

Lets see how being grounded holds up tomorrow.


A lot has happened in the month of May.  I will do my best to recap…

The beginning of May was concerning.  Ever since my mom had her stroke, I have made a point to see how she is doing whether it’s during lunch time or what-not. The beginning of May, I went to see her and she was complaining about her inability to walk. We thought this was concerning so I took her to the Hospital…


(actual brain scan)

It turns out Mom had another stroke in a different part of her brain in the motor cortex. Turns out this part of the Brain controls walking and other voluntary movement. She is doing fine now, but she does have her days. One day her leg will be bothering her and another day she is up and energetic. One thing is certain though.. she won’t let this get her down.  She’s working out still and as active as possible. My Mom was in the hospital for only a couple days.  She was out of there faster than her original bout.  That should tell you something about her resilience (I love you mom).

Rudy working on Glass

May was also the time my brother Rudy applied to go to graduate school in Illinois. Even though it is across half the country, this is something that I believe will be good for him.  He gets the chance to work and teach at a school that specializes with what he does best. We were even able to attend his last demo here in California. He made a goblet in front of an audience and at the same time, they auctioned it off while it was still being made.

Rudy with his Custom Goblet

I’m proud of him.  He’s doing what he does best…

I had the opportunity to actually take time off.. and go on a field trip with the kids! I have always wanted to go on a field trip, however I was never informed in time to actually schedule time off.  This time, I made an effort to find out when the kids were going to Happy Hollow so I could schedule time off.

Parrot at Happy Hollow Anika and Kyra on their Field Trip


I had such a great time hanging out with the kids. They went on various rides and played on the huge playground that was there.  It reminds me of the many times my Mom went with me to field trips. I remember my Dad went on one field trip.. I don’t know where.. but I remember he went on one. In either case, the kids had a great time.  We visited the various animals that were there.  We even had the opportunity to chat with the bee keeper in charge of the local bees.  The kids were amazed at the way the bees were kept and the visible hive’s inner workings. Truly amazing. Even though the sun is shining brightly throughout most of the day, it rained near the end of the trip.

Then comes to my last story of the month.. The family reunion.

(random picture of Annette eating ribs for breakfast in bed at our hotel.)

We had a family reunion on memorial weekend.  We had my Dad’s side of the family meet at his brother Dave’s house and pretty much partied the night.  My Dad’s family is mostly out in Kentucky and Georgia.  Getting everyone together was a feat in itself.



(more pictures here)

( Live band performances, 1, 2, 3)

Alas, it did happen and lots of fun did occur. My brother made goblets for all the major brother and sisters of the clan. We had a live band perform, my Uncle Steve jump in and perform as well. It was really great to have the whole family come together the way it did. I hope an event like this does happen again.  It would be great to get everyone together again.

That takes us now.  That is about it for now.  I got tired of writing this entry since it involved a lot of internal code so until next time..


Pic of the Day – Kyra’s Tooth

Kyra lost a tooth today. She’s excited and waiting for the Tooth Fairy to come.