My name is Charlie. I grew up in Morgan Hill, but I live in San Jose. I’m a Computer Desktop Technician who enjoys troubleshooting and helping those in need.  I have had over 25 years of experience working on computer related material. I started working on computers at a very young age so my skills are self taught. On the course, I have learned and adapted a wide range of skills ranging from software to hardware. I have spent a lot of my time using Windows and it’s software while adapting the inner workings to help others with their issues.

I have also dabbled in the inner workings of Trance music.  I have enjoyed techno/electronic/trance music since I first heard it back when it was in it’s infancy. I Actively DJ’d from 2000 t’ill the mid 2000’s while playing shows less often later on. I focused my time afterward on my family and helping my kids achieve, learn and grow. My sampling of music since then has been full of love for the art and never ending when it comes to appreciating it.

My hobbies include researching tech news, socializing on different platforms as well as working on computer geeky stuff such as SQL, Other Linux Distributions etc. I also enjoy spending many hours to discover how something works or adapting software to bend in ways it was never meant to.

I’m a Technician, Dad, Husband, Adventurer Extraordinaire, High Overlord… and nachos for all! I love music (my Zune), working with anything computer, and any art created with soul. I enjoy discovering random pieces of life and anything shown with heart.

Originally, I created this place to put myself in a sort of outlet since all the normal outlets just don’t seem to match what I care to include myself in.  In a way, it’s a home away from home. Lately, it’s been a place where I can slow down and reflect.  There have been too many days that have become a blur and I can’t separate one day from another.  I started writing when I can so ensure that I do slow down and look around. It gives me more appreciation of my family and life lived.

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.—–Ferris Bueller

What is a Fireberry? A Fireberry is a fictional fruit that exists in the world of Kyrandia.