They Deserve the World

My cousin invited me over to his place on Saturday. He’s having a Christmas party with some friends and family. I always find myself full of anxiety when it comes to things like this. I never know how things are going to pan out and if it’s awkward enough where I will leave early. Only time will tell.

One thing that I have told myself is that if opportunities arose out of situations like this, that I would do whatever it takes to involve myself. That is what I am going to do on Saturday. I can’t say much about Friday or Sunday, but Saturday evening will be spent with family and hopefully friends.

On a side note, We did get a Christmas tree this year. Normally when a tree is picked out though, we try hard to get a potted tree so we can plant it later on after Christmas. However this year, we could not seem to find one at all. It’s a bummer, so instead we are not going to throw it away but utilize it later on for the fire place during the year. I’m pretty bummed about it but it’s only sensible this time.

Anyway, my oldest was concerned that she would be unable to decorate a tree this year because our family is now split up. We changed that and got a Christmas tree just for them. We put lights on it and I pulled out our old Christmas decorations that I recovered from the apartment. Besides the lights, the kids put up 100% of the decorations on the tree. They were excited and relieved that they were able to decorate a Christmas tree this year.

I know decorating a tree is one of the most exciting parts of Christmas. I remember being excited and anticipating the decorations when I was little. I wanted to make sure the kids did not miss out on the same opportunity. I just can’t have that happen. I would, and have done everything to ensure the kids are raised in the solid family environment. They deserve the World.

My brother will be coming home soon. He’s a professor at University of Illinois in Carbondale. He will actually be here Monday. He’s excited to spend time with the kids and family. The first thing the kids want to do when he gets in is to make Gingerbread houses and cookies. We were supposed to do that this week, but they opted to wait for him. He always makes things like this fun.

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