I am here. I haven’t gone anywhere except taking care of things. I am not going to write a summary of things between then and now. Just accept things as they are.

This New Years, I haven’t responded to doing much. I guess personal improvement. I want to start cooking healthier foods and get the kids to participate in that adventure. They are healthy enough, however with so many foods that are outside any healthy range, I just want things to fall naturally in place. Next time you go to the grocery store, look at the sodium intake of a ‘Hungry Man’ TV dinner (no the kids don’t eat that either) but look at what I am talking about.

I had the kids go through ‘Epicurious’ and look for foods that they may enjoy. They really didn’t find anything that they would want to eat. I know this aspect of it is going to be hard because I have super picky eaters in my family.

Another personal goal of mine is to let the little things that don’t matter not bother me as much. This is a very personal goal because I have let little things in my life change my attitude. When viewed from a far, they don’t really matter. I am endeavoring to recognize those situations and let them go. Pick my fights as it were, but personal fights.

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