Night Owl

Long time ago, let’s say… 10 or so years ago, I used to stay up really late. Of course that meant I slept in a lot during the day. That is how I worked. Well… Back then I had difficulties with jobs. I had enough work to get by, but I never took things seriously.

It was only after the dot-com bust and the birth of my first daughter that I took things really seriously. Jobs were still hard to come by, and I took up jobs that I never considered.. let alone care to have. I did take them, an it was during that time that I had to change my schedule of sleep. Work ruled supreme over anything else.

Work has converted me to a morning person, where as I used to be a night owl. I found through out the years that I did my best focusing at night. I used to program for hours on many different projects and it was during that time that my peak efficiency occurred.

I used to create programs, websites or work on other random projects. Sometimes i would work on drawing pictures or work on stories. They were my creative outlet. My hobby during the time before the Internet was considered important.

Things have changed. I have been a morning person for almost 8 years now. It has it’s advantages. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on something. I wake up with the rest of the world. The draw back however, is I can’t stay up late. I get exhausted early. I bugs me sometimes, but most of the time.. I’m ok with it.

Maybe it’s because I’m older (probably the answer). Maybe it’s because I have a new set wake up time. Whatever the case, I don’t feel that I can compute as efficiently as I can at night. I can’t change the way things have gone. I can only adapt to the situation at hand. I don’t know if I have adapted. But I do know that things are just fine. I miss staying up late like I used to and spending time with myself at night cooking up creative projects.

(just random thoughts)

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