They Deserve the World

My cousin invited me over to his place on Saturday. He’s having a Christmas party with some friends and family. I always find myself full of anxiety when it comes to things like this. I never know how things are going to pan out and if it’s awkward enough where I will leave early. Only time will tell.

One thing that I have told myself is that if opportunities arose out of situations like this, that I would do whatever it takes to involve myself. That is what I am going to do on Saturday. I can’t say much about Friday or Sunday, but Saturday evening will be spent with family and hopefully friends.

On a side note, We did get a Christmas tree this year. Normally when a tree is picked out though, we try hard to get a potted tree so we can plant it later on after Christmas. However this year, we could not seem to find one at all. It’s a bummer, so instead we are not going to throw it away but utilize it later on for the fire place during the year. I’m pretty bummed about it but it’s only sensible this time.

Anyway, my oldest was concerned that she would be unable to decorate a tree this year because our family is now split up. We changed that and got a Christmas tree just for them. We put lights on it and I pulled out our old Christmas decorations that I recovered from the apartment. Besides the lights, the kids put up 100% of the decorations on the tree. They were excited and relieved that they were able to decorate a Christmas tree this year.

I know decorating a tree is one of the most exciting parts of Christmas. I remember being excited and anticipating the decorations when I was little. I wanted to make sure the kids did not miss out on the same opportunity. I just can’t have that happen. I would, and have done everything to ensure the kids are raised in the solid family environment. They deserve the World.

My brother will be coming home soon. He’s a professor at University of Illinois in Carbondale. He will actually be here Monday. He’s excited to spend time with the kids and family. The first thing the kids want to do when he gets in is to make Gingerbread houses and cookies. We were supposed to do that this week, but they opted to wait for him. He always makes things like this fun.


I am in the process of a divorce. I have no details, but it’s happening. It’s been filed and that’s all I have to say. There’s enough poop to be said, but I just want to continue writing knowing this is going on.

Pic of the Day

Not too long ago, I just arrived in San Francisco. My job takes me to many parts of the Bay..this being one of them. I am here waiting for files to restore to a very busted computer, but in that process.. I am posting the pic of the day. This is the Bay Bridge from the Embarcadero. Even though it’s not too exciting.. It is something I get to do. Visiting places I wouldn’t normally visit during the normal weekday. I’m thankful for that. Now hopefully, this computer can get fixed…

Pic of the Day

Yesterday after work, my youngest wanted to play ‘pretend’ with the dolls she had brought. We went in and basically the scenerio is.. there is an evil king and a princess. I always get to play the part of the evil people. None-the-less, the Star Trek character ‘Q’ plays the part of the ‘Evil King’. While playing, my sister’s dog comes in and starts looking for attention. I attach the ‘Evil King’ to her harness and we bring the dog outside and make her run around.

As amusing as it sounds, it was cool. Having the dog run up and down with the ‘Evil King’ on her back. Anyway, that was my day.. spent hanging out with kids and playing dolls.

Pic of the Day

This past weekend, Kyra had the opportunity to ride her bike. Little did she know that she already knew how to ride without training wheels. She has been getting out there when she could this week and riding so she can learn more. She still needs to work on her turns and stops, but she can get up and go. While walking up and down the street with her until she told me “stay where you are… I got it”.

Pic of the Day


I wanted to start doing these. They will be random if not sparse. I suppose I just want to kinda start up again with no seriousness.

Right now, I’m at a client’s removing viruses from a pc. They have slow Internet making updates a pain. I will continue to sit in peace and hope for the best.

Saving The Pennies

I have cancelled a lot of services as of recently. I think with all these cancellations, not only have I saved our family monthly expenses, but it has simplified our lives more. When I say simplified, I mean it in a good way.

Here is what I have cancelled…

Skype (but that was a while ago)
Other various little subscriptions.

The only service i subscribed to was AT&T’s Internet. Since Comcast was $70 for Internet, I canceled that and subscribed to AT&T’s for $20. Yah, you can see the savings there. Comcast contacted me multiple times and they still cannot beat $20.

The only service I really kept was the Zune network. I listen to music there a lot. I use my credits and I use those credits on albums I listen to a lot. I might cancel it someday, but not today.

I guess the changes made with the cancellation of these services mainly affect me.
Audible I used for books, but I found myself not reading too many books. I even unsubscribed a lot of podcasts I was listening to. I think I listen to 1 or 2 of them as compared to 4-5 podcasts.

I have a lot less distractions now. I find myself enjoying the things around me. I’m reading more (even though my attention span is still off), I’m obviously writing more. Im playing with the kids more often as well.

Now I just need to learn something new. I want to get into Visual Basic so i can get back into programming. I find myself avoiding that more. I miss the programming aspect of things. I need to get back into it and find the enjoyment again.

I still have that goal of cooking more often. I think I need to pay attention more to what I want to cook before I get hungry. I get hungry then I start looking for things to cook. It needs to be the other way around. Gotta work on that.

Fizzled and Burned

I really need to work on my cooking. I was going to cook one time this week, but I fizzled and burned on reentry. It’s alright though, I can still make a killer breakfast. I can cook it in an hour and have it eaten in a quarter of that time.

I think i’m the only one who appreciates their cooking.. especially when I try. I guess it’s that way anywhere. When was the last time you ate at any restaurant and appreciated the time the cook put into the meal you are consuming? Not much thought I bet. It’s alright. To my kids, right now i’m just a chef who cooks so they don’t have to feel grumpy in the morning or gets rid of that achy stomach when their bodies need nutrition.

I still try though.


I am here. I haven’t gone anywhere except taking care of things. I am not going to write a summary of things between then and now. Just accept things as they are.

This New Years, I haven’t responded to doing much. I guess personal improvement. I want to start cooking healthier foods and get the kids to participate in that adventure. They are healthy enough, however with so many foods that are outside any healthy range, I just want things to fall naturally in place. Next time you go to the grocery store, look at the sodium intake of a ‘Hungry Man’ TV dinner (no the kids don’t eat that either) but look at what I am talking about.

I had the kids go through ‘Epicurious’ and look for foods that they may enjoy. They really didn’t find anything that they would want to eat. I know this aspect of it is going to be hard because I have super picky eaters in my family.

Another personal goal of mine is to let the little things that don’t matter not bother me as much. This is a very personal goal because I have let little things in my life change my attitude. When viewed from a far, they don’t really matter. I am endeavoring to recognize those situations and let them go. Pick my fights as it were, but personal fights.

Night Owl

Long time ago, let’s say… 10 or so years ago, I used to stay up really late. Of course that meant I slept in a lot during the day. That is how I worked. Well… Back then I had difficulties with jobs. I had enough work to get by, but I never took things seriously.

It was only after the dot-com bust and the birth of my first daughter that I took things really seriously. Jobs were still hard to come by, and I took up jobs that I never considered.. let alone care to have. I did take them, an it was during that time that I had to change my schedule of sleep. Work ruled supreme over anything else.

Work has converted me to a morning person, where as I used to be a night owl. I found through out the years that I did my best focusing at night. I used to program for hours on many different projects and it was during that time that my peak efficiency occurred.

I used to create programs, websites or work on other random projects. Sometimes i would work on drawing pictures or work on stories. They were my creative outlet. My hobby during the time before the Internet was considered important.

Things have changed. I have been a morning person for almost 8 years now. It has it’s advantages. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on something. I wake up with the rest of the world. The draw back however, is I can’t stay up late. I get exhausted early. I bugs me sometimes, but most of the time.. I’m ok with it.

Maybe it’s because I’m older (probably the answer). Maybe it’s because I have a new set wake up time. Whatever the case, I don’t feel that I can compute as efficiently as I can at night. I can’t change the way things have gone. I can only adapt to the situation at hand. I don’t know if I have adapted. But I do know that things are just fine. I miss staying up late like I used to and spending time with myself at night cooking up creative projects.

(just random thoughts)